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Kromski Harp Forte/Presto Pick Up Stick

Kromski Harp Forte/Presto Pick Up Stick

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Pick-up Sticks are available in the following sizes: 8", 12″, 16″, 24″ and 32″. Available in Natural/Clear in all sizes, and Walnut for 16, 24, and 32 inch sizes.  One end is rounded and beveled to allow easy placement. One comes with each Harp or Presto loom.


You might think that with a rigid heddle loom your weaving projects must be simple in design. After all, such a loom is inexpensive and lacks the “sophistication” of those big floor looms. Not so. There a SO MANY ways to add texture and visual appeal to work done on a rigid heddle loom. One is with the use of a pick-up stick.

Pick-up sticks are flat pieces of wood that are sized to work with your loom. Your Kromski Harp or Presto loom comes with one pick-up stick. One end is beveled to help you use it.

How is it used? The stick is used behind your heddle. One way to look at it is that with a pick-up stick you trick your loom into thinking it is something it is not; you temporarily change the way the warp interacts with the slots and holes on the heddle. The result is a stunning range of patterns.

With the heddle in the down shed position, pick up the slot threads behind the heddle using the beveled end of the pick-up stick. One pattern, for example, requires every other one of these slot threads to be picked up – over, under, over, under… Once the stick is completely inserted, bring it forward to the heddle and put it on edge. You can see how this imparts a different, temporary shed opening.

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