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2023 Illustrated Year of Yarn - MARCH

2023 Illustrated Year of Yarn - MARCH

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Pre-order our MARCH colorway set  for our 2023 Illustrated Year of Yarn with the theme Nature's Magic.  The image on this page is a sneak peek at our March artwork!!  Watch for the full image!

Our artwork for MARCH is a SECRET until the beginning of the month!  Are you ready...??

Hand Dyed Divas Ladianne and Sheri are creating coordinated illustrations and yarn for each month of the year.  This series of artwork is full of mystery, magic, and beauty - Join us for this year of adventure! 


You might notice that in each month's artwork there are the number of animals equal to that month's numerical equivalent.  So - one owl for January, two koi fish for February, and now we're to MARCH!  But are there three butterflies?  This month we did something different - we showed the butterfly in three different stages!  But stayed with the multiple for the month! Note also in this artwork that we call back to a previous month - can you find that in the image?  

We are all about nature and habitats - and this month's image is about keeping the backyard gardens and natural spaces vibrant and healthy for our friends in nature! Butterflies need plants specifically for their reproductive process, and also for feeding. They are such incredible pollinators and they are so BEAUTIFUL to look at!  Did you know the butterfly in this month's image, the Pipevine Swallowtail, loves a REALLY stinky plant called the Dutchman's Pipevine!  True story - and the plant was very popular in Victorian times.  


Each month on the 15th of the month we will open pre-orders for the following month.  We will offer the monthly illustration-inspired yarn bundles in limited quantities, so make sure you get in on the pre-orders!


Each month we will ship you that month's bundle during the last week of the month.  This gives us time to make sure we have all necessary bases and get your yarn lovingly dyed for you! Please note that shipping costs are calculated at checkout, are based on your location, and shipping costs are not included in the price of the bundle.


THIS month we're using our DELICIOUS Homegrown Fingering yarn, perfect for dressy socks you don't plan to use in your hiking boots, shawls, hats, mitts, and more!

This month, when you order a bundle, you'll get:

ONE (1) full size skein of Hand Dyed Diva Homegrown Fingering yarn  (100g / 440yds; 100% Shaniko Superwash Merino blend dyed with the artwork for that month as inspiration. Our Homegrown line of yarn is made with USA raised, processed wool, and is milled in our home state of North Carolina - and dyed here too!

ONE (1) mini skein of Hand Dyed Diva Homegrown Fingering yarn (25g / 100yds; 100% Shaniko Superwash Merino wool).  Colorway is dyer's choice and will coordinate with the full skein.

ONE (1) fun stitch marker!

ONE (1) notecard with the month's artwork.  Send it to a friend or family member, or pop it into a frame!

You will also be able to buy all sorts of artwork and household items with the month's artwork on!    Watch for details!

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