Five Great Ways to Trim Your Stash!

Five Great Ways to Trim Your Stash!

People who don't knit, crochet, weave, or spin might read the title of this blog post and think we're talking about maintaining facial hair, but we're actually talking about something much, much more challenging... Trimming your yarn and fiber stash!

Don't be ashamed!  We've heard stash tales so many times, from so many people!  Let us guess - you went to a bunch of super fun, really cool fiber festivals and found the most glorious hand dyed, beautiful yarn/fiber you'd ever seen.  Or, maybe you found not one, but maybe five or six patterns you love, and immediately bought ALL the yarn to make those lovely sweaters, afghans, socks, hats, cowls, scarves, and mittens.  But life got in the way of your crafting.  Maybe you found yourself purchasing even more yarn at the beginning of a global pandemic (it COULD happen...just sayin') and soon realized that the work-at-home-with-kids-and-partner-right-there-with-you-all-the-freakin'-time arrangement really wasn't turning out to offer the nirvana-like abundance of stitching time you thought it would.  

DON'T WORRY!  We're here for all that - and to offer you five ways to lighten your yarn and fiber load so you can truly enjoy what you have!

  1. Play “GREAT DAY or GIVE AWAY” with your stash. Go through your stash, yarn by yarn, skein by skein, and notice whether it makes you say “Great day, that’s glorious yarn,” then keep it!  Otherwise, give it to a good cause like American Foundation for Children with AIDS.  It’s easy! Just mail your yarn to them:  AFCAids, 1520 Greening Ln, Harrisburg, PA 17110.
  2. Teach someone how to knit, crochet, weave, or spin. Take that yarn/fiber you no longer want and give it to a friend, colleague, or family member, along with those needles, or that crochet hook you haven’t used in ten years, and teach them the basics of the craft you love!  You’ll make someone’s day, and you’ll have a new buddy to craft with.
  3. Try a new craft. We all love to try things! At Cheers To Ewe we offer all kinds of classes and events.  Consider taking a crafting class to learn a new skill!  We love weaving because it helps us keep our knitting/crochet yarn stash under control!
  4. Make friends with a fiber artist. Do a little research on the Google and find an artist in your area who might be able to make good use of the yarn and fiber (and tools) you no longer want or need.  They’ll love you for it!
  5. Make time for yourself and your craft. So many times we find ourselves the victims of our own over-scheduling.  We rush from here to there, doing this and that (and buying yarn and fiber), but we don’t always make time for ourselves.  Put crafting time on your schedule so you can enjoy the glorious yarns and fibers in your stash.  Studies show that crafting can be incredibly calming, especially in times of stress.  So, when you need a break, grab your hook, needles, loom, wheel, or spindle, and do the thing you love.  


Enjoy your stash – and your crafting!



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